Substitute Roster

Our members who are available to play for church on an ad hoc basis are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience as organists (and/or pianists) in worship environments.  Many have choral conducting skills, and would be happy to serve as organist/choir directors if desired.

It is left to the negotiating parties to determine an honorarium, taking into account compensation for performance time, practice time, and mileage; the performer’s familiarity with a given liturgical tradition; and the reasonable availability of the church or synagogue facilities for organ practice time.

John Garlisch Albuquerque Tel: 505-750-1882
Prefers liturgical: Lutheran (all), Episcopal, Catholic but open to all denominations

Shannon Jones Albuquerque Tel: (651) 402-0296

Patricia Oakley, Albuquerque, (574) 707-0195.  Open to all denominations.

Doug Parsons, Santa Fe Tel: 817-821-4346, 505-428-0997
Doug has choral conducting experience and could sub for an organist/choirmaster or a choir director. Experience with Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Christian Scientist and Unity. As well as organ, Doug is also a harpsichordist with experience in continuo playing, and a registered piano technician.

Karen Parsons Santa Fe area only. Tel: 817-368-4188 Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran (Evangelical and LCA), Methodist, Presbyterian, Christian Scientist and Unity experience.  Organ or piano.

Marlene Riggins-Clark   Santa Fe  Tel: 505-989-4152;  505-670-3926   Lutheran or Episcopal

Dr. James Yeager Mountainair Tel: 505-847-0144 (h); 614-746-9479 (c)


Lawrence Goddard  Rio Rancho Tel: 505-280-6431
Weddings, Memorials – Non-Sunday services

Nancy Granert Albuquerque Tel: 505-300-9174
Weddings, Memorials – Non-Sunday services

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