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When known, available positions for paid employment requiring an organist, choir director, pianist, or any combination of the above will be posted here.  We are also happy to advertise opportunities for voluntary service in church or choral music.  Contact information will be posted as provided by the employer, or the organization seeking volunteers, and it will remain until the closing date for applications, or until the position is filled, whichever comes first.

Please check back to this page for updates.  If you have any questions about the hiring process, feel free to contact us using the Contact page.  We’re here to assist both employers and job seekers so please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Positions Available

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

Director of Music – Choral Director/Organist/Accompanist
Hours: Part-time 12-15 hours/week (open to position being divided)
Annual Salary:  $20,000 – negotiable

Apply by January 30, 2021 – (email cover letter, resume and references)
Start Date: 2021 – negotiable
Contact: Christopher McLaren, Rector

The Community

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church is a vibrant and growing congregation in the Monte Vista neighborhood near the University of New Mexico.  We are blessed with a diverse congregation full of all the generations, young, old, families, seniors, and a strong LGBTQ+ community.  While firmly rooted in the Episcopal Eucharistic tradition, the Book of Common Prayer and the 1982 Hymnal, we are also eclectic and adventurous in our worship life preferring the path of participation and involvement in worship to the stifling need for perfection.  We want our children and youth to know that this is their church and they can take leadership and be involved alongside adults. We use a variety of music resources including denominational hymnals Gather, Lift Every Voice and Sing II, Wonder Love and Praise, various Psalm settings, Music that Makes Community resources and we are always open to learning more and growing.  We desire for our musical life to be part of our mission: “Together we are building something beautiful for God in our Neighborhood.”

St. Mark’s is blessed with an attractive 36-rank Reuter organ kept in good repair. Over the past 10 years we have had a largely volunteer choir of 10-18 adult and youth voices that offered anthems, psalms, service music and supported congregational singing during the Sunday morning liturgy and Holy Days.

St. Mark’s worships as one congregation on Sunday mornings at 9:30, followed by a lively coffee hour and formation opportunities for all ages.  (Yes, COVID-19 has messed all of this up, but we plan a robust return to worship when it is safe).

Who Are We Looking For?

What we want, more than anything, is someone who loves to help others discover joy, love, and deeper community through making music and singing.  St. Mark’s puts a very high value on relationship, teamwork, and bringing a sense of joy/delight/fun into our work together, and we want an Organist/Accompanist/Director of Music who shares these values and will work creatively with our clergy and people to bring it about. We are looking for someone with Choir direction experience and who has organist/accompanist skills as well.

We are searching for a person who will provide musical leadership, education and who will delight in calling forth the musical gifts of the community.

The Position Details

The work will include one intensive choir rehearsal per week and an additional 1-hour of choir warm-up and rehearsal on Sunday mornings prior to the liturgy. It is our hope that the Director of Music will also participate in the education life of the parish, offering occasional classes or writing for our publications that will help to deepen the experience of music in our worship life. The Director of Music will be a part of a hard-working, responsive, and supportive staff, and will be expected to communicate regularly with the clergy team as we all learn new things during unusual circumstances.

  • Sunday mornings; a minimum of 3 hours
  • Rehearsal nights:  a minimum of 3 hours
  • Practice/preparation for rehearsals/liturgies (at least 1 hour/weekday): 5 hours
  • Occasional participation in education/community events to average 1-2 hours/week as scheduled with Rector.
  • Planning meetings arranged with clergy team 1 hour/week as needed


Applicants should be proficient on the organ and/or piano and should have choral directing experience. Applicants need not be Episcopalian, but will be expected to become familiar with the Episcopal liturgy and Episcopal resources. During this COVID time a comfort and familiarity with music technology for choirs such as applications like Accapella would be of great advantage.


    • Call forth and nurture the musical gifts of our community
    • Should be highly proficient on organ and/or piano and have experience and skill as a choral director.
    • Plan and lead one Sunday service per week
    • Attend regular planning meetings with clergy
    • Holy Day services: Thanksgiving (1 service), Christmas Eve (3 services), Epiphany Day (Jan. 6), Ash Wednesday (3 services), Maundy Thursday (1 service), Good Friday (2 services), Easter Vigil (1 service) Easter morning(1 service), El Dia Evensong (1 service), Pentecost Evensong (1 service).
    • Incorporate the wider Albuquerque community’s musical talents through concerts, choirs, inviting guest musicians, etc.
    • A willingness to embrace technology is a significant plus.
    • Oversee the tuning and maintenance of all parish instruments.
    • 4 Sundays of paid vacation/yr.
    • 1 week of continuing education – funds TBD
    • Funerals and Marriages when available – fees TBD
    • Annual review to be conducted with Rector

Contact: Christopher McLaren, Rector
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
431 Richmond Place NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107


First Presbyterian Church of Belen
Approved by Session October 11, 2020

Basic Competencies: Employee should be proficient with the piano and /or organ with knowledge of church music, Presbyterian liturgy, and theology as it applies to worship and music.  Exhibits skills and musical training, such as vocal production skills, sight reading skill, and note learning.  Must have the ability to organize and lead choirs, arrange and direct musical presentations and work well will with choir members, Pastor, and Session.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  Direct supervisor is the Pastor with oversight by the Session Worship and Personnel Committees.  The Pastor has the ultimate responsibility for the worship service including the music supporting the service.

Basic Responsibilities:

  1. Promote music that is appropriate and cohesive to the Sunday order of worship, conferring with the Pastor about the music selected for Sunday worship ensuring it is compatible with the choir’s abilities and enhances the worship experience.
  2. Make choir rehearsals and performances a team building and individually rewarding experience. Organize, rehearse, and prepare the choir to accompany congregation singing and to perform for the congregation special music presentations such as Anthems.
  3. Use rehearsal time efficiently and effectively; rehearsal should prepare the choir to the best of its ability.
  4. Maintain a Play List that shows the music scheduled for Anthems and hymns four weeks in advance and special presentations 6 weeks in advance. Update weekly and post the Play List in the choir room.
  5. Be familiar with and effectively use the choral and vocal music libraries, printed worship aids, and sound equipment available in the church.
  6. Oversee the selection, preparation, and performance of music for special functions, seasonal programs and pageants.
  7. Develop a plan for recruitment of choir members and actively pursue recruitment of choir members.
  8. Be a good team player and assist the church in meeting its goals.
  9. Each week conduct a rehearsal and a pre-Sunday Service prep session.

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Sit “ex-officio” on the Worship Committee.
  2. Based on availability, will play for weddings and funerals, coordinating the selected music with the Pastor and the families involved. Fees for these services are established in accordance with the policies in the Church Building Use Operating Instruction.


  1. Work with the Worship Committee and identify needs for organ maintenance, piano turning, care of other instruments, and music library enhancements.
  2. Be familiar with the Church Financial, Building Use, and Building Security Operating Procedures.
  3. Possess basic technical knowledge to permit operating the Church sound system and its components.
  4. Secure the building using the Building Security Checklist if the last one to leave the building.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know, would be interested.  Reply to:

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