Instruments Available

From time to time, the Chapter is notified about instruments which come on the market in the local community.  Those organs, both electronic and pipe, etc., will be listed here as information is available.  The Chapter makes no warranty as to the condition of the instrument, and is not qualified to appraise any instruments for their potential market value.  If one of these instruments are of interest to you, we encourage to make contact with the posted owners to determine further your interest in acquiring an organ for your home, church, or school.

We also accept listings from members who have other instruments for sale.  Please contact the member directly if you are interested in the instrument.

Rodgers 650B 2-manual, full pedalboard organ

OrganRodgers650bThis was a fantastic home practice organ for me for many years. I’m moving overseas for work mid-July, and, sadly, don’t think it really makes sense to take it with me. The organ is in Albuquerque (Nob Hill neighborhood). It has two manuals, a full pedalboard, a swell pedal, and a good variety of stops. I purchased it secondhand in 2004 and am unsure of the year of its manufacture. The floor-print of the organ is about 5 ft x 4ft; there are also speakers which take about another 1ft by 2ft of floorspace. I paid $3000, and would be happy to sell it for $1500 but can be flexible on price. It was a huge blessing to me when I was starting out to be able to practice at home and I’d be glad for someone else to have that opportunity.

Megan Email:  Telephone: 505-270-5956

Restored Wicks Op. 1210 Pipe Organ

Wicks Opus 1210 Pipe Organ for saleThe organ requires a chambered floor-space of 11 feet wide by 14 feet deep with headroom of 11 feet minimum. The walnut finish console requires an additional 5 feet by 5.5 feet floor-space external to the chamber.

The console has two upper manuals (Great and Swell), lower full pedal, crescendo, and swell control pedals.  The organ includes swell shutters for installation into a suitable chamber.

Price:  $12K
Current Location:  Cedar Crest, NM (Near Albuquerque)

The resources (438 pipes + 20 Chimes) included in the organ are:
8′  Melodia (73 pipes)
8′ Salicional (73 pipes)
8′ Diapason (73 pipes)
8′ Dulciana (61 pipes)
4′ Vox Celeste (49 pipes)
8′ Flute (85 pipes)
16′ Bourdon (12 pipes) (bass extension to the Melodia rank)
16′ Lieblich/Gedeckt (12 pipes) (bass extension to the Flute rank)
Chimes (20 tubes)

The pipe organ is a “unified” instrument, which implies resource “borrowing” to facilitate the various stops that are available

To see the stop list, please visit: The Diapason Classifieds

Steinway piano.   (It’s the 1891 Steinway-fully rebuilt.)

5b2401cc735a8_mainThis historic instrument was rebuilt in 2015-2016. Unlike many others this complete rebuild comes with all new action parts: hammers, whippens, back action,new strings, bridge caps, pinblock, and action felt. It has a custom soundboard designed by top re-builder Nick Gravagne, personally signed and with authentication stamp. Cabinet completely refinished in original ebony satin. All work on the piano done by former Steinway employee. It retains the original three-bridge design and the original ivories which are in excellent condition. Ivory inspection report allows for legal sale across state lines. Comes with custom made padded nylon cover, duet bench, adjustable artist bench and humidity control system. The delicate, responsive touch makes for subtle expressiveness across the range. The resonant bass is especially well-suited for music of the Romantic period. It has been lovingly and carefully maintained by top-notch RPTs. Downsizing won’t permit me to have two Steinways at home.