Resources for Churches

Organist Substitutes

As a professional organization, we are here to serve the needs of churches in our area, with regard to their musical needs within the fields of organ and choral music.  We have a list of available organist substitutes, should your regular organist be unavailable to play a particular service, or on an interim basis for churches seeking a permanent appointment.  Some  include those who have the skills to train and conduct choirs, as well as play the organ.

Organ Teachers

If you have anyone in your church who is interested in becoming an organist, we have some superb professional organists in New Mexico who are skilled in teaching student organists, and would be glad to give lessons.  The first steps to learning the organ is some knowledge and competency on the piano.

Jobs and Opportunities

For churches looking to hire or replace their organist, we maintain a list of available positions and would be glad to include your advertisement on our website and in our newsletter, at no charge to the church.  We are also willing to advertise volunteer opportunities in music, such as choral music.

Instruments Available

Occasionally, we hear of organs available for sale, and would be happy to connect churches looking to buy or sell, with those interested in selling or purchasing instruments.  We occasionally also publish information about other instruments for sale by our members.

Organ Servicing

The AGO does not make any recommendations about the organ maintenance, repair, or tuning, or the purchasing of new organs, but these contacts are given so that churches can know what is available to them in and around New Mexico. It is not a definitive list, and it is suggested that churches make their own inquiries and arrangements, according to their local needs.

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