Reservations for the Chapter Annual Dinner with guest speaker, Michael Barone of PBS Pipedreams, are now being accepted.  Check out the Annual Dinner page for program, menu and reservations information.  Saturday June 8, 2019, 5:00pm, at the Cathedral in Albuquerque.  Book early to ensure a place.

Welcome to New Mexico!

wa186scThe Albuquerque Chapter of the American Guild of Organists welcomes you to New Mexico – The Land of Enchantment!  We live in a beautiful landscape of colorful evening skies, towering mountains and impressive mesas!

We are a multi-cultural state, the crossroads of three major cultures, and best known for our ancient Native American Pueblos and Petroglyphs, the Santa Fe Opera and markets, traditional Spanish Fiestas and southwest cuisine of Red and Hot Green Chile!


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Poets and artists visit Taos for inspiration while film-makers discover the unique desert landscapes of Southern New Mexico.

Immanuel Lutheran Pipe Organ Balcony, Albuquerque
Immanuel Lutheran Pipe Organ Balcony, Albuquerque

Our music blends with this setting as we add the beauty of our organ pipes with the plaintive strings of the Spanish guitar or the quiet sound of the Native American flute, and the rhythmic chants of the Native American drums and singers.

The great organ of Notre Dame in Paris, before the fire.

The following is a message from Olivier Latry following the Notre Dame fire:

Dear all,

In these tragic moments for the Cathedral, you have been extremely numerous to send kind words of support, all more moving than the others, either by e-mail, SMS, FaceBook, Instagram or on the phone.

I will never thank you enough for that. I would have liked to respond personally to each of you, but given the urgency of the situation, it is unfortunately not possible for me, at least for the moment. I hope you’ll understand.

Notre-Dame, who had resisted revolutions and wars, burned in a few moments. 855 years destroyed in four hours … Like you, I feel terribly sad, with contained rage, total sorrow. The images that we have seen are horrible. How not to think that we are in a bad dream? Reality comes back to us, unfortunately.

Despite all the damage in the Cathedral, the organ miraculously escaped the flames, as well as the water supposed to extinguish them. It is very dusty, but will continue to enjoy us as soon as the building will be restored. When? No one knows yet. « Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up. » (John, 2). It will surely take more time in Notre-Dame, but I still live with great confidence and hope.

With warmest regards.

Olivier Latry