Member Music

During the COVID-19 public health measures, a number of our Members recorded music for themselves, or from their churches.  We thought you might like to hear some of what “we” are doing.

Note to Members: please send me your links for publication here.  Editor

Member and composer Fred Frahm’s music recorded in St Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church, Albuquerque, by the Petroglyph String Quartet  – Ghost Canyon Quartet (September 2020).

From Member Steven Villacencio (Young Organist)  from his home church this summer (2020).

From Member Dr. Linda Raney (TGIF Series online)

Dr. Linda Raney, Director of Music/Organist, First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe, plays the harpsichord, (Richard Kingston, op. 255, 1991).

From Member Steven Villacencio (Young Organist)

My name is Steven Villavicencio and I am a senior in high school. I have been playing keyboard instruments for a little over three years, currently studying under Kevin Newman, and in the fall I will have the incredible honor of studying the organ at UNM under Dr. Maxine Thevenot.  Enjoy the video!

St. Luke Lutheran Church in Albuquerque is posting worship and meditations, plus videos for children, on their YouTube Channel.  This is their Easter morning worship, with music, from St. Luke Lutheran, Albuquerque.  Organ / piano played by Member Patricia Oakley.

O God, you are my God (Psalm 63) – Edmund Connolly

Member Edmund Connolly, baritone, with Member Maxine Thevenot, organ. Recorded March 19, 2020 at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John, Albuquerque, NM Artistic Director: Canon Maxine Thevenot.  Recording and video editing: Edmund Connolly.

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