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Chile wreath transparentThe Albuquerque Chapter of the American Guild of Organists welcomes you to New Mexico – The Land of Enchantment!  We live in a beautiful landscape of colorful evening skies, towering mountains and impressive mesas!

We are a multi-cultural state, the crossroads of three major cultures, and best known for our ancient Native American Pueblos and Petroglyphs, the Santa Fe Opera and markets, traditional Spanish Fiestas and southwest cuisine of Red and Hot Green Chile!

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Poets and artists visit Taos for inspiration while film-makers discover the unique desert landscapes of Southern New Mexico.

Immanuel Lutheran Pipe Organ Balcony, Albuquerque
Immanuel Lutheran Pipe Organ Balcony, Albuquerque

Our music blends with this setting as we add the beauty of our organ pipes with the plaintive strings of the Spanish guitar or the quiet sound of the Native American flute, and the rhythmic chants of the Native American drums and singers.

Listen to organs and organists from around the world

THE WORLD’S LARGEST MECHANICAL PIPE ORGAN – HOLY TRINITY CATHEDRAL, LIEPĀJA, LATVIA.  Jonathan Scott introduces the largest mechanical pipe organ in the world at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Liepāja.  Film & Sound by Tom Scott
Please visit: http://www.scottbrothersduo.com

The organ of Holy Trinity Cathedral was originally built by one of the renowned masters of the 18th century, Heinrich Andreas Contius who received a letter of recommendation from Johann Sebastian Bach. The organ was enlarged in 1885 by Barnim Grüneberg and became the largest organ in the world until 1912. The organ has 131 registers, 4 manuals and more than 7,000 pipes with all of the original 1779 mechanical action and wind chests. The organ has ten giant bellows and another pumping machine with eight bellows in the tower space. In the event of a power cut, it is still possible for two people to supply the the wind to the section of the organ completed in 1877 with 79 stops. Although there are larger instruments with mechanical ‘tracker’ key action, the organ of Holy Trinity Cathedral is the largest fully mechanical pipe organ in the operation of all aspects of the instrument including all actions and the operation of all stops.

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